Urban Forest Strike Team: Team Leader Course

Welcome to the Urban Forest Strike Team: Team Leader Course!

This course consists of 9 modules that cover the UFST Team Leader’s tasks and responsibilities. At any point during the duration of the course you may pause and come back to it later. If you wish to come back to this page for a list of the modules, select the Back to Lesson button above the video on each module.

Most of the modules will consist of an interactive video embedded with a few quiz questions that relate to the information provided during the video. However, Module 2: Disaster Deployment Timelines will consist of an interactive timeline also followed by questions. Once you have completed the entirety of the video (or timeline) and answered all of the questions, you may click the Module button at the bottom of the page to proceed to the next module. Completion of the course will result in a personalized UFST Team Leader Refresher Course certificate of completion.

Here are some helpful hints for what the buttons displayed on the videos mean: 

There will be several documents provided throughout the course to supplement the videos. They are downloadable in their corresponding module or for access to all of the resources that are provided throughout, use the link for the Printable Resources to find a comprehensive list of each resource.

Select a module from the list below by clicking on the name to begin: